Lead Tour Guide Description

Company Overview

Freedom Lifted is an independent company that provides opportunities for travel immersion in social movement history. These opportunities include affordable and customized tours to locations connected to social movements such as the Civil Rights trails in Alabama and Mississippi. We are dedicated to bringing education and light to all those interested in learning more about the past in order to create movements for positive social change today and tomorrow. The name “Freedom Lifted” speaks to the elevation of oft forgotten acts of courage in our collective memory. The company seeks to share and expand knowledge about ordinary people who have committed their lives to creating a just world.

Offering two separate tours in the initial stage, Freedom Lifted is an experience like no other, providing opportunities to travel, learn history and connect to activists working for justice today. The two tours are anchored in the cities of Atlanta, GA, and Memphis, TN.

The company head office is in Chicago, IL. The director of the company has 15 years of experience in working in education, including leading travel experiences for youth and adults both within the country and worldwide. The director has personally visited every site on the tour routes to ensure that all aspects have been selected and are appropriate for travelers young and old.

Lead Tour Guide – Civil Rights Movement Tours

The lead tour guide is responsible for handling all aspects of the tour from beginning to end. Guides will work in conjunction with an apprentice guide (called a tour coordinator) and, possibly, local tour guides who might join the tour in each area. The lead guide and tour coordinator will stay with the group for the duration of the tours, which range between 3 and 5 days.

Details and Duties

The lead guide will have several specific, tasks including, but not limited to the following arrangements:

  • Ensure that tour participants booked to travel are in attendance each day.
  • Maintain the route plan of the tourist areas and chart the touring timing for each.
  • Communicate with group regularly about expected meeting times.
  • Accompany the participants to the tourist spots and guide them in their touring.
  • Know and convey the important historic events associated with the tourist spots.
  • Organize social/educational activities to allow people on the tours to get to know each other.
  • Confirm accommodation numbers with hostels in each location.
  • Provide detailed information on local sites to tour members.
  • Assist tour members with travel advice and information as necessary.
  • Provide information on local bars, restaurants, shopping and activities in each location.
  • Provide support for tour members as necessary.
  • Ensure Freedom Lifted procedures are followed at all times.
  • Reporting of updates and issues to Freedom Lifted staff.
  • Obtain logistics report from logistics coordinator one week prior to tour start date.
  • Communicate regularly with the company director and logistics coordinator in regards to these arrangements.
  • Participate in call with company director, logistics coordinator, and tour coordinator prior to tour start date with any last minute changes or considerations. This can be a conference call with all four parties.


  • Confirm accommodations in hotel rooms one day prior to start of tour start date.
  • Assign participants to hotel rooms.
  • Ensure participants get the option of breakfast at the hotel and are familiar with all hotel amenities

Bus Travel

  • Confirm with logistics coordinator bus and pick-up location one day prior to tour start date.
  • Get to know and work well with tour bus driver.
  • Collect money from participants for bus driver tip.


  • Confirm meals at least four hours in advance of arrival.
  • Ensure meals are paid for including tips.

Museums/Special Events

  • Confirm group arrangements for all museums featured on the tour at least 24-hours in advance.
  • Make alternate arrangements in case plans fall through.


Guides will be required to undergo a training program which will incorporate visiting all sites on the routes that they will work on in order to learn all the details of local information, sights, history, etc. The training will be led by the Freedom Lifted Director, who will provide readings, maps, and other resources, which guides are expected to study thoroughly.


Passion and extensive understanding of Civil Rights Movement history pertaining to the sites on the tour is required. Also required are strong oral and verbal communication skills as well as good monitoring and time management skills. Knowledge of foreign languages is an added advantage. Preference will be given to candidates based in one of 2 locations where Freedom Lifted tours commence – Memphis, TN and Atlanta, GA.

The lead guide must be resourceful, adaptable and able to manage time very well. Previous experience as a tour guide is not necessary, just a vibrant personality and the desire to assist travelers to get the most out of their experience.


The company will provide airfare, all meals, and accommodations for lead guides while on tour. In addition, the lead guide will be paid $250/day for each tour with the possibility of an increase after a certain number of tours have been arranged. The first tour is a training tour and will include airfare, meals, accommodations and a flat stipend of $200.