The name “Freedom Lifted” speaks to the elevation of oft forgotten acts of courage in our collective memory. As a part of our business model, a percentage of the proceeds from all tours will go towards grants for curriculum development, professional development trainings for educators, and community programs that seek to teach all ages about social movement history.

We are dedicated to bringing education and light to all those interested in learning more about the past in order to create positive social change today and tomorrow.

“Social movements may have many ‘defeats’-failing to achieve objectives in the short run-but in the course of the struggle the strength of the old order begins to erode, the minds of people begin to change; the protesters are momentarily defeated but not crushed, and have been lifted, heartened, by their ability to fight back.”

– Howard Zinn


A group holding a large rainbow tarp

Freedom Lifted is a socially conscious business that is innovative and value-driven. At the heart of Freedom Lifted is an approach that embraces:

  • Tourism that boosts local economies by working with community-based business owners whenever possible
  • Cultural experiences that pay homage to the strength and resiliency of historically marginalized communities
  • Healthy and productive intergenerational dialogues about activism of the past and present.
  • Preservation of the narratives of elders and the contributions of young people
  • Dissemination of accurate educational resources that document movement history